2 Places in Dubai to learn Basic Words

2 Places in Dubai to learn Basic Words

2nd November 2018 0 By admin

Dubai is one of the seven territories that make up the UAE and students interested in studying Arabic courses will truly enjoy their time in this breathtaking city, which has the second largest amount of land in UAE. Expatriates in the United Arab Emirates outweigh nationals, therefore it’s no wonder that you can go for days without listening to Arabic, and even the expat families who’ve lived here for decades still don’t understand enough to follow a conversation. Some might say it’s not that easy, but we disagree: if you have someone to point you in the right direction and give you a round-up of the best classes in town you may master the language in no time.


Iqra’a Arabic Language Center

If you want to extend your vocabulary, there are a number of places to do so, even though it is considered one of the hardest languages to master, but this course specifically caters to those who have no knowledge, focusing on conversation, writing and basic grammar. Here you can learn how to speak Emirati Arabic that’s relevant to the business world in a short period of time, and courses start from AED 1,200.


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Beginners I AM

This informative class teaches basic conversation, grammar as well as the basic rules of writing, laying the foundation for the advanced classes, and is suited for beginners with no knowledge of Arabic.


Dubai is a modern metropolis, and while the city’s official language is Arabic, anyone will find it remarkably easy to get by, although learning a few basic words can make a trip more memorable. If you have your flights booked and an unbridled pre-holiday enthusiasm packed it would be suitable to arm yourself with the local language, as it is a highly prized skill which opens up the world of culture as well as your career. Learning the basics is important for those living in the UAE, so it’s crucial to put in the effort as the Arabic language is in the top five most spoken languages and is linked to incredible religion and heritage.


At a time when the need for open-mindedness is greater than ever, one of the best ways to experience a cultural immersion is to learn a language, which is why many students choose to learn Arabic.