How to make Dollz: The Complete Steps to Pixel Art

How to make Dollz: The Complete Steps to Pixel Art

5th January 2019 0 By admin

Pixel art dolls are pixilated humans, and out article will help you make your own ones, as Pixel art is really popular in games, for some reasons: it looks awesome and brings some nostalgia. When Pixel Art came around, it brought up all the memories of an imaginary land full of fun with no repercussions, and we love remembering those days, which is why we have rounded up some epic steps to create your own pixel art in order to carry the torch and bring nostalgia to many more.


This is a little article of a series of articles intended for those who never opened Pixel art software, which is why we’ll cover the very basics like how to setup the canvas size.


If you are anything like us then you grew up playing games such as Nintendo, Genesis, or Neo Geo, and you loved it.


  1. You don’t need anything fancy, and you can do fine even with just a free software, a small Wacom pen tablet, a good keyboard and you should use whatever you’re most comfortable with. You can choose your painting from MS Paint or Paint Shop Pro, although MS Paint is easiest, as it’s installed on every computer. Aseprite is our favorite as it’s incredibly powerful and yet simple to use and has many time-saving features, GraphicsGale is used in many games and is full of great features, phile Pskel is free.


  1. Before we get started, you should know that pixel art is not as obvious as you might think, but bear with this definition: the easiest way to define it is by saying what it is not: anything that generates pixels, such as gradients (although it looks cool), blur tools: (replicating the pixels to make a new version, again not pixel art) or anti-alias tool (generating new pixels to look smoother). Before jumping into pixel art, remember that in order to make good Pixel art you need to be studying anatomy, light and color theory, as these are essential. Since most hardware nowadays can deal with millions of colors, using fewer colors is a good practice, and other tools such also automatically generates pixels, but they let you control over every pixel, thus are considered Pixel art friendly. Well, Wikipedia says that it is a form of digital art, where images are edited on the pixel level, and many games are mostly pixel art, although the concept goes back to Richard Shoup’s SuperPaint system as well as Xerox PARC. Try it out! A similar concept can be seen in the North Korean Arirang Festival.


  1. If you chose Asperite, just click the New File in the home screen so we can start drawing, and choose a 16 by 16 as we think it’s a good starting point. You can leave the color mode in RGBA for now, even though some pixel artists like to work with an indexed palette, but this comes with some drawbacks. Make sure the Advanced Options is unchecked and you are good to go!